EA Go Battlefield Crazy With Domain Names

Electronic Arts stunned thousands when they announced that the domain name, Battlefield.com, cost them over $80,000, but they’re at it again with another buying spree. Whether they’re protecting the Battlefield plans or they actually have active plans to release dozens more games, Electronic Arts have gone out and registered over 10 new domain names for the Battlefield franchise.

Earlier this month EA registered each of their newly acquired domains through the CSC (Corporation Service Company for brand protection), prompting many to believe they have Battlefield plans for the next decade. Everything from Battlefield13.com to Battlefield20.com has been swooped up, with only a couple being left to unrelated parties.

Activision,, the biggest competitors for EA in the FPS market, haven’t done the same. Modern Warfare is arguably the biggest and most popular title in the franchise but apparently Activision and EA have a totally different idea on brand protection.

By comparison to its biggest competitor, Activision, ModernWarfare8.com through ModernWarfare20.com and beyond, are not registered at the time of this story being published.