Call Of Duty: Ghosts Outed By UK Retail Store

Arguably one of the most anticipated titles of this year has been outed by the UK retailer Tesco. The popular supermarket chain recently added a post on their Tesco Direct website that included an Xbox 360 and PS3 listing as well as potential box art. However, since the ever-eager gaming press pounced on it the retailers have taken the listing offline. A surprise for many fans was seeing the Infinity Ward logo on the box art, giving credence to rumors that the popular Modern Warfare developer is making a return for this new aspect of the franchise.

The box art also shows a character putting on a mask worn by the famous Ghost character in Modern Warfare 2. This isn’t the first we’ve heard as rumors earlier this year put Call of Duty: Ghosts as a potential next for the next installment, although there’s yet to be any official confirmation. The original rumors came from a YouTube user who claimed that he received information from a reliable source that the popular FPS franchise would be branching out and breaking away from the typical COD formula.

Other leaks regarding Call of Duty: Ghosts sees the game set in the near future of the storyline in Black Ops 2 but using current generation technology and weapons. The same user also stated that we can expect an announcement around May 1st, but again this isn’t concrete.