Saints Row IV Commander In Chief Edition Announced

Deep Silver have just announced a special collectors edition for the massively anticipated, Saints Row IV. Arguably one of the most anticipated titles this year, the Saints Row franchise has gathered a massive following due to its freedom approach to game-play and controversial features. This latest pre-order deal includes a variety of incentives for players in preparation for the upcoming launch in August.

The Commander in Chief Edition is now available as a free upgrade to all fans that have pre-ordered the game from major retailers. Currently exclusive to North America this unique package is sure to get players excited alongside the open-world, violent approach to game-play.

The new game offers a whole new setting as the leaders of the free world are under attack from an alien invasion, bringing the land of the free to its knees. You may just be a single thug with a gang at their back, but you’ve got everything you need to save the world, in true Saints style.

Looking good while saving the world is always a bonus and the Commander in Chief Edition will reward players with a limited-edition Uncle Sam themed uniform and an exciting variety of weapons to add to an already devastating arsenal. The weapons including flamethrowers, dub-step guns and rocket launchers. The Commander in Chief Edition is priced at $59.99 on console and $49.99 on PC; releasing August 20th in North America and worldwide on August 23rd.