Xbox Live Servers Downtime – Not The Actions Of Anonymous

The Xbox Live servers recently experienced some heavy downtime and many attributed this to the actions of Anonymous. Anonymous is a hactivist group that originated back in 2003 and has since claimed responsibility for a number of security breaches in recent years. They have hacked numerous government websites, popular internet sources such as PirateBay and Megaupload, and they’ve also been linked to incidents within the gaming industry.

It has since been confirmed by an official source close to the hactivist group that this incident was totally unrelated and had nothing to do with their campaign. Anonymous have developed a massive worldwide following as many of their attacks are based around mistreatment of customers or abuse in a monopoly situation. They’ve become the peoples heroes in many circles so whenever a service or company is attacked that has even a slight shade of poor customer service, many automatically blame Anonymous although they usually aim for the bigger fish.

Stay tuned for more to come as it unfolds.