Grand Theft Auto V Cover Art Revealed

What’s the most anticipating aspect of a new game release for you? Do you crave the initial trailer? Those usually filled with so much cut-scenes and the famous “Not real gameplay footage” message. Or do you get excited for your first fix of game play mechanics and features? Or maybe you’re the kind of player that cares very little until release date.

Whatever your preference, how excited do you get about box art releases? I’ve really tried to get excited for this one but for some reason a sneak peak at what the front of the case is going to look like doesn’t really get me riled up.

However, Rockstar have just released the first ever image for the cover art for one of the most anticipated titles of 2013, Grand Theft Auto V. I was going to sit here and bore you with my analysis of the art itself, describing what features it may hint at and the likes. But in all honesty, the image is right there and you probably get as much from it as I do.

Rockstar have been intentionally quiet about Grand Theft Auto V in recent months and they said they didn’t want to build up so much hype for the release this early. The cover art could be the first sign that Rockstar are beginning to provide players with a bit more concrete information.

So what do you think? Looks cool eh?