Just When You Thought The Duke Was Dead

Just when we thought the last Duke Nukem release destroyed the series forever (see what I did there?), we hear of yet another title that promises to deserve housing such an iconic character in gaming history. The dedicated folks over at Devolver Digital and partnered with the slightly hated developers at 3D Realms to bring the smash hit Duke Nukem 3D back to modern generation gaming. The explosive collection of expansion packs and new features combine to offers players the opportunity to purchase Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition from Steam, starting today!

The iconic first-person shooter will ship with all three crazy expansion packs including Duke Caribbean: Life’s a Beach, Duke: Nuclear Winter and Duke It Out In D.C. Each expansion pack comes with polished visuals SteamPlay support, new achievements and Steam Cloud. It’s available to purchase today for both Mac and PC. Gamers a little long in the tooth can cast their minds back to 1996. A decade of gaming that promised to better the days of the Nintendo and Atari; with six-breasted pig strippers that you could explode in a multitude of ways.

Follow Duke on one of his most memorable journeys, corny puns and everything included. Take the fight to the alien scum as they invade the streets of Los Angeles, and chase them all the way up to the Lunar Space Station.

“There is a whole generation of fans that may have heard of Duke Nukem 3D but never actually played it so it’s exciting to add a bit of polish to the game and the expansions for the first release on Steam,” said Scott Miller, founding partner at 3D Realms. “General Arcade has worked close with our team and hardcore fans across the world to make sure the Megaton Edition lives up to the Duke Nukem legacy.”

So we epically failed at delivering Duke Nukem Forever, what can we do? I know! Let’s release a Duke Nukem game that everyone loves but on a modern platform. You sir, are a genius. Just when I thought I couldn’t get my Duke fix back, they release this baby. It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum…