Make It Count – Xbox Entertainment Awards Now Live

The time has finally arrived! It has just been announced that the Xbox Entertainment Awards voting period is now open to all! Throwing every aspect of entertainment into one pool, including games, movies, TV and music, the Xbox Entertainment awards celebrates the full glory of the Xbox gaming community.

This is one of the very few gaming awards that actually includes full community support. The finalists and winners of every category will be chosen, and voted for, by gamers just like you! Beginning today players can vote in a variety of different categories, with submissions closing on March 26th. The following categories have been confirmed

· Best Game
· Best Family Game
· Best Xbox LIVE Arcade Game
· Best Add-on (or Consumable)

· Best TV Show or TV Series
· Best Movie
· Best Superhero Movie
· Best Comedy

· Best Album
· Best Single
· Best Artist
· Best Music Video

You can view all of the current nominees, or send in your own votes, on the official Xbox Entertainment Awards website. Adding a little incentive for voters is a new prize draw. For your chance to win a Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 with Kinect with 1 years gold membership, just throw in a vote; it’s that easy.

The finalists for each award category will be announced at the start of next month, April 4th. Interactive voting will then take place on the Xbox Live dashboard through until April 16th. The final winners will then be announced the following day on April 17th.