Sim City Suffering With Terrible User Reviews

Electronic Arts Maxis studio launched the latest addition to the Sim City franchise earlier this week, but things haven’t gone as smoothly as they hoped. Despite players complaining about a number of the features announced before launch, the developers decided to release anyway and now they’re suffering the backlash.

Several critics have scored the game quite highly, with some popular media outlets scoring the game 9/10 and higher. However, honesty comes from individual players as over 1500 MetaCritic users have scored the game an appalling 1.9 on average.

Most of the complaints are due to the current issues with the official servers, forcing long queues and unavailable errors for thousands of players. Without a doubt the biggest issue among the players is the always online DRM, a feature that was criticized by thousands when it was announced. Basically it forces players to be connected to EA’s servers even when wanting to play a single player game. So if you’ve waited all day, returning from a hard day at work, you’ll only be able to play on EA’s terms.

If you’re lucky enough to catch the current servers online you could be forced to wait over 200 minutes due to current queuing mechanics. There’s a good chance that EA will address a number of these problems but there’s still some flaws at the very core of the game. Players have complained about the small city size, the lack of subways and the removal of custom region generations.

We’ll be sure to let you know when any patches have been released, but you may want to halt your purchase until that time. To make sure you get all the latest gaming info, including advanced notice of our sweepstakes and giveaway events, join the Grub Squad.