Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers Now Available On PSN

bitComposer Games has just announced that their arcade-flight-action title, Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers, has just arrived on the Playstation Network, accompanied by a playable demo. The demo includes a variety of content including a training mission from both sides of the conflict. Jump into an American cockpit as a crack Pilot in the U.S. Air Force as you dive into the attack on Maloelap Atoll or witness the attack on Pearl Harbor firsthand as a pilot of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is based during the infamous era of World War II, throwing players into the conflict between US and Japanese forces. Experience historic battles such as Pearl Harbor, Wake Island and Midway. Follow an authentic World War II experience with a detailed fictitious story as you lead your side to victory. Unlike other dog-fighting simulators Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers gives players the opportunity to control entire squadrons of players, instead of the typical single unit control approach. The game includes a multitude of multiplayer and single player modes, providing plenty of replay value.

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is available on all major platforms including Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC and for the first time, Playstation Network. Priced at $40.00 players can download the dog-fighting World War II experience starting today.


  • Experience the history of an aircraft carrier first hand! Master thrilling missions that focus on gigantic warships and their captains
  • Action packed game play: The realistic dogfights will thrill you!
  • Take command of entire squadrons. Instead of controlling just one airplane, you can control all of the planes in your squadron.
  • Choose between 16 different planes from the 1. and 2. World War.
  • Fight your opponents in dogfights with machine guns, bomb ground targets and use rockets to eliminate troops and transport vehicles.
  • 49 missions with varying game play: Fighting-, sneaking-, action- und spy missions.
  • Get close to the action and experience the big battles like Midway, Pearl Harbor und Wake Island.
  • Choose how you want to fly: Arcade or Simulation.
  • Play the solo campaign or show your skills in four different Multiplayer modes.