First Official Playstation 4 Trailer

Following the massive excitement created by Wednesday’s Playstation 4 reveal Sony have released the first official Playstation 4 trailer showcasing some of the most anticipated launch titles and some new tech for the upcoming console.

The video shows a collection of scenes from the upcoming inFAMOUS and Watch_Dogs games, two of the most anticipated titles of next-generation gaming. We’re all familiar with demo footage and trailers, and most of the time they bend the truth at least a little, but the technology of the Playstation 4 can actually been seen via in-game footage in this official trailer.

Although we only see some brief moments from each of the games on show, it’s enough to get you drooling at the mouth. Watch_Dogs is looking especially fantastic with its unique “Persons of Interest” style approach, using a big notion among society today; big brother is watching! Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think, but don’t forget to enter our biggest ever sweepstakes event.

It appears everyone that watches this video seems to forget they’re watching Playstation 4 footage, instead focusing on the music featured during the video. To save you searching the webs, the music is Two Steps From Hell by Blackheart.

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