What We Could Hear At The Playstation 4 Reveal Today

Sony’s Playstation2013 event kicks of later today in New York and it’s widely expected to debut the highly anticipated Playstation 4. The event kicks off at 6pm EST / 11pm GMT and with hundreds of rumors flying around the internet, the hype-train could go no faster.

Games! Sure everyone is expecting some exciting news regarding the Playstation 4 but what good is a console reveal without demonstrating what it’s capable of. The developers of Motorstorm, Killzone, Final Fantasy Versus, Mafia and Thief are just some of the big names that have let slip some vital information that gives credence to possible expansions of each franchise on the next generation franchise.

One rumor that has generated quite a lot of negative attention includes the improved Playstation Move expected to launch with the Playstation 4. Some sources have stated that the Move will be mandatory with all titles, somehow involving itself in every aspect of game play. Although the Move performed moderately well in the market, it didn’t have the same impact as the technology deployed by the Wii; prompting many gamers to refuse a Playstation Move purchase. However, if this rumor proves true there will no longer be that option.

Other rumors include sync support with a variety of mobile devices that will allow players to use a mobile phone to play the same game as the person using the new Playstation 4 console. Some sources are expecting this to be subscription based while others are following prior trends set by Sony with the PS Vita.

Backwards compatibility through through Cloud. Some sources have stated that Gaikai streaming will be supported by all models, allowing players to stream the latest games as they do movies with LoveFilm and Netflix.

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