Ace Of Spades Valentines DLC Inbound

Jagex, the largest independent games studio in Europe and publishers of the popular MMO Runescape, announced earlier today the latest DLC for Ace of Spades. The newest content heading to their highly popular Steam title will see the introduction of a variety of new features, all following a theme of the notorious St Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago back in the 1920’s.

If you’re a little tired of all the soppy stuff this Valentine’s nothing else will restore that masculinity like a heavy dose of Jagex’s Ace of Spades. The latest DLC provides players with a variety of new weapons and several new maps, many based upon the infamous San Francisco fortress prison, Alcatraz. A new character is also available, the iconic 1920’s gangster complete with a Snub Nosed Pistol, Molotov Cocktail and of course, a Tommy Gun.

In an attempt to recreate the uneasy atmosphere that filled the 1920s in Chicago, Jagex have released 2 new game modes with the Valentine’s updates. Territories, the first of the two game modes, will see players fighting to control different areas of the map; with the final aim of controlling the entire city. The second game mode, VIP, is a protection objective where each team will have to protect the VIP boss on their side.

The full contents of the Ace of Spades Valentines update are as follows:

  • • 6 new character skins
  • • 1 new character class
  • • 4 new weapons – Tommy Gun, Snub Nosed Pistol, Crowbar and Molotov Cocktail
  • • 2 new maps (Chicago and Alcatraz)
  • • 2 game modes(VIP and Territories)

The Ace of Spades Valentine’s Day Massacre DLC is available on Steam today, and for a limited time only there’s 20% off the DLC; $4.99/£3.49/€3.99.

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