Neverwinter MMO Launch Approaches

Perfect World Entertainment, one of the leading global publishers of free-to-play MMO games, have just announced the start of their latest beta event for the highly anticipated Neverwinter MMO. Built on decades of lore, Neverwinter is one of the most established franchises in the role-playing universe, spawning games, table-tops and finally, an online game.

Begin your adventure in the Forgotten Realms today and battle the all-powerful powerful lich Valindra Shadowmantle alongside some of the deadliest foes to grace the Neverwinter world. Explore the iconic world of Faerûn, from dense woodlands to forgotten wastelands, and forge your destiny in one of this years most anticipated MMORPG titles

To aid you in your quest Perfect World Entertainment have released a variety of limited edition Founders Packs. These Founders Packs offer players the opportunity to grab up some unique in-game items, including new companions, mounts and exp buffs. There are a variety of packages available with each offering different incentives; but they all include guaranteed early access to Neverwinter through either a closed beta or early access program.

Other benefits include an exclusive 5-day head-start when the game nears official launch, VIP beta access and VIP access to servers once the game becomes available. Other items include unique cosmetic features, special abilities and much, much more.

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