League Of Legends Season 3 Begins

The dominant force of the MOBA genre (multiplayer online battle arena) and currently one of the most played games on Earth, League of Legends, has just entered the beginning of the highly anticipated Season 3. League of Legends is widely considered to feature one of the most competitive gaming communities on the internet, with previous Season’s and events offering millions of dollars in prizes; it’s just going to get bigger and better with the release of season 3.

With the release of Season 3 comes a whole new design for competitive play, adding several divisions as well as the possibility of promotion. Once players have completed their initial games, 10 for solo and 5 for team, they will be placed into a specific League. Each League is assigned to a specific skill tier, which each supporting multiple divisions to offer the most competitive experience. League Points have been introduced, a new ranked-based score system that will increase as a player accumulates more victories. Once players reach 100 League Points they’ll have the opportunity to enter a Challenge tier that has the potential to boost players to the next division.

Many consider this to be quite a bold move by Riot Games, implementing heavy changes to an already established system. However, the update has already been met with a huge amount of praise from both players and critics alike.

What do you think about the Season 3 changes? Do you think they aid competitive gameplay?