You Can Help Get Gamer Grub To A Store Near You Today!

One of the most common messages and emails we receive from peeps like you is “I can’t find Gamer Grub in my store !” grrrr. Although we’re always exploring new opportunities to get the greatest gaming snack in the known universe to the best gaming stores, YOU can do something to help. We would love nothing more than to grow and see Gamer Grub on the shelves of popular stores such as GameStop, Target, Wal-Mart and BJ’s. You have a voice and you can help make that a reality today.

We’ve recently launched a new request store page that gives you everything you need to help get Gamer Grub into your local store. On this page we include links to the Facebook page’s of popular stores so that you can message them directly; and we’ve also got a handling letter that you can print out and hand it to your local gaming store manager, personally.

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