Bloody Palace Mode Returns In Devil May Cry

Capcom have just confirmed that the incredibly popular Bloody Palace Mode will be making a return in their upcoming action thriller, Devil May Cry. Originally making its debut in Devil May Cry 3, Bloody Palace Mode featured 9999 floors of singe player elimination style combat, prompting many fans to request it in following games. It continued to Devil May Cry 4 where the floors were reduced to 101.

The Bloody Palace Mode will be made available in the upcoming Devil May Cry shortly after release as a free DLC across all platforms. As with the previous Devil May Cry titles players will have to complete the story mode before Bloody Palace becomes available, offering 100 floors and five brutal boss fights. Stylish combat will be rewarded via supported leaders boards that will be available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Devil May Cry launches across the globe on consoles in 6 days, on January 15th 2013. PC players will have to wait a little longer as the official PC release is dated for January 23rd.

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