Having Fun With Games You No Longer Play

Untitled-2Do you have a massive shelf of games you hardly touch anymore? Or maybe you prefer a smaller collection but I bet there’s still a few gathering dust right? Well Gamer Grub has the video for you. We take you on a journey of some of the hidden gems within some of the games gathering dust on our shelves. Watch the video below and leave a comment.

  • Graham Ian Mann Gogs

    Dont waste your time here people this is beyond terrible.

    • Pedge Jameson

      Wow, such negativity over someone giving sound advice. A lot of people miss out on some of these extras. Time to go play MK!

  • CorvusCorone68

    heh that screen capture of Sonic that was the thumbnail made me think it was one of the GTA games, pre-4, especially San Andreas in San Fierro