Controversy Continues To Surround The War Z

One of the most discussed online titles of the year, The War Z, continues to be surrounded by controversy after the latest discovery involving the games trademarks.The War Z Zombie MMO Recently Paramount Interactive, producers of the upcoming zombie flick World War Z, filed a complaint to debate the trademark of “The War Z” as they felt it was too similar to their upcoming movie and possibly, a similarly named game. The War Z’s producer, Sergey Titov, has responded saying that the allegations are false and that the game will remain under the same title.

However the official document clearly states that The War Z trademark has been suspended pending further investigation. Following this news eager players discovered yet more questionable trademark actions from the developers parent company, Arkos Interactive. As well as supporting the developers of The War Z Arkos have also published another online MMOFPS game in the form of War Inc Battlefield. However, information has emerged that shows both the Arkos Interactive and War Inc trademarks have also been suspended, although both suspensions are over a year old.

I’m not going to pretend to know anything about the legalities involved in trademarking names, logo designs and companies, but I don’t recall many other “big” MMO companies suffering with this problem. This is just the latest in a long line of issues for The War Z after the game was removed from Steam due to misinformation and has since been plagued with hackers as the game lacks any anti-hack protection.

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