Final Fantasy IV Now Available On iOS

Sometimes it feels like there is literally an app for everything. Need to find your nearest toilet? Or want something to do while you’re sitting on it? There’s an app for everything and Square Enix expand their mobile repertoire with the release of the fan favorite, Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy IV is now available on the majority of Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, all priced at $15.99. Final Fantasy IV remains one of the fan favorites due to its diverse characters, intricate plot and the introduction of the real-time ATB battle system. Continuing on from the full 3D remake in 2008, fans will now be able to enjoy one of the greatest role-playing game experiences on their iOS devices.

Fans can expect all of the quality that passed onto the 2008 3D version with a variety of extra bits thrown in. The impressive 3D graphics return alongside the highly popular CG cut-scenes and top quality voice acting, offering an immersive story driven experience that has long been associated with the Final Fantasy franchise. A new system has also been added to offer more versatility within character parties, the all-new Augment System. This dynamic new feature allows players to assign special abilities to particular characters, offering more diversity in battle.

Last but most definitely not least, the beautiful score created by world-renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu brings some of the most beloved Final Fantasy themes back to life in the modern era. For more information check out the official iTunes Store Page.