The Dead Linger: Build 004 “Breach Point” Details Released

Sandswept, developers of the upcoming zombie survival MMO The Dead Linger, today announced the details of the highly anticipated “Breach Point” update that’s scheduled to hit the game on December 11th. Breach Point has been labeled by the developers as “The largest gameplay content update released so far”, including a plethora of new gameplay mechanic updates, new features and fixes to current issues.

They had originally planned to release the update before December 11th but have met delays due to the Thanksgiving holidays, changing the release date from the originally planned December 4th. Some of the announced changes are going to have a drastic impact on the game with various fixes to weapons and zombies. The days of cowering in the corner of a house will be a distant memory as zombies will have the ability to break down doors and search houses, and new door physics will change how easily you’re able to block them with other objects. Other content planned in the update can be seen below:

Some sound falloff and distant sound fixes
Lots of gun changes, including proper magazine sizes, ammo box requirements, and aim-down-sights
Much better login screen, including the ability to play offline without being forced to sign in
Better stability
Equipped items will move with the camera when you look around, among other tweaks to the first person experience
Borderless Windowed mode and better windowed mode support in general
Loads of crash fixes!
Better inventory usability, and stats now display in the inventory screen with bars

The Dead Linger is a bit of a sleeper MMO game. It hasn’t had the exposure of titles like The War Z and DayZ but thanks to the hugely popular Kickstarter Fundraiser program, the developers are in full swing and fan support is increasing everyday. For more information on The Dead Linger you can visit the official website here.

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