The Rocky Road For The War Z

Ever since the beginning of Survivor Access for the upcoming online zombie game, The War Z, the internet has been flooded with negative press and questionable information.The War Z Zombie MMO One of the biggest issues discussed amongst players is the exact nature of the screenshots posted before release. Labeled as actual screenshots on the official website, it was recently confirmed by a developer on the official forums that the photos are actually artistic presentations of game features, meaning they’re not actually screenshots of the available features in game. However, these images are still featured on the official website as in-game screenshots, and players looking to purchase the games cannot actually view the official forums until after purchase.

Another area of question is the vague release of information. The game is currently in alpha testing, a development phase usually reserved for in-house or private testing, but the patches have been slow and the content sparse. Since the beginning of the alpha testing the only real content released has been new characters and more map to explore, there hasn’t been any core features added such as driving or the highly anticipated skill system, leaving many players to jump ship before the iceberg is even in sight.

Lastly was the post made by a disgruntled ex-moderator that was released from voluntary employment after his official forum account was breached. Due to the forum breach a hacker was able to take down the forums, and a large portion of the posts, and leave a message for players “The developers are lying to you, they will cease development in 6 months”. The ex-moderators post, which was posted on a non-related forum, included similar information even going as far to say the developers are intentionally banning hardcore players in the hopes that they purchase the game again.

In all my time as a games journalist, I’ve never seen a game come under such heavy scrutiny. There is no doubt that The War Z has a huge amount of potential but the negative attitude of the players may actually be the reason the game will never reach it. Whether the rumors are true or not, nobody can argue the strange development cycle the developers have used. Will The War Z big bigger than DayZ? Or has the apocalypse come and gone for the survival MMO?