Dungeon Masters Rejoice – New Dungeonland Video Released

Paradox Interactive and Critical Studio have just released a new trailer for their highly anticipated dungeon master title, Dungeonland. The new video provides players with an in-depth look at the Dungeon-Master Mode, including the various features and mechanics that will help define the unique game modes available in the upcoming title.

Although the video is home to an exciting array of information Dungeonland designer Mark Venturelli does manage to break the record for the quickest curse word ever in a Paradox Interactive video. The Dungeon-Master Mode is easily one of the games most exciting features, giving 3 players the opportunity to try and survive a dastardly dungeon controlled by an opposing player. The Dungeon-Master is able to infest the dungeon with all of the monsters and bosses available in the game, even being able to take direct control and wreaking havoc on the unsuspecting adventurers.

Dungeons & Dragons, as well as dozens of other table top games have defined the RPG’s in today’s gaming industry, but it’s a genre that has hardly been touched in the online gaming space. The success of Dungeonland could lay the foundations for a whole new genre, assuming it will be successful. If you’re interested in signing up for the closed beta you can visit the official website here.