Warface Attracts 5 Million Players In Russia

Crytek have just announced that their upcoming free to play shooter has attracted over 5 million sign ups in Russia alone. The ground-breaking MMOFPS title, Warface, has amassed an army of dedicated fans thanks to a large list of impressive features and mechanics, as well as being backed by the critically acclaimed CryENGINE. Increasing the games call to fame even further is the recent winning of the Best Online Game from the Runet Awards, a popular Russian event that has been ongoing since 2004.

“Reaching the five million registered users mark speaks volumes about the quality and appeal of Warface,” said Vladimir Nikolsky, the Vice President of the Mail.Ru Group Game Division. “With a combination of first-class visuals and gameplay that is second to none, Warface stands out from the crowd and promises to attract even more attention from players in the future.”

Currently EU and US players are unable to join in on the intensely competitive action but Crytek will be making the game available across the globe after launching the FPS title on their social hub, GFACE. A new incentive backed by the popular online publisher, Trion Worlds. If you want to sign up for the closed beta period, or you want to know more about the ground-breaking features included in Warface, you can check out the official website here.

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