Gamer Grub Supports Operation Supply Drops Latest Campaign

Operation Supply Drop is a unique charity that was founded to send video-game related care packages to U.S troops deployed in high risk locations overseas. You may remember Gamer Grub’s support earlier in the year but Operation Supply Drop has just announced its next campaign “8-Bit Salute”, one of the worlds largest veterans day video gaming events in history. operation supply drop

“Turns out there’s a literal mile of red tape and bureaucracy involved in getting donations to a medical hospital, but we’ve finally finished jumping through the necessary hoops to help out our returning soldiers and their families,” said Operation Supply Drop founder Stephen “Shanghai Six” Machuga.

The packages will be distributed to a variety of locations, some of which are highlight below:

From Kenneth from Paktya, Afghanistan
“This is my second deployment in the last four years, along with many of the other NCOs in the company. We are in RC East in Afghanistan doing a Route Clearance mission. The days here are long and stressful; we are out at least 5 days a week doing Route Clearance. I do not know how much you know about route clearance, but essentially we drive up and down the road looking for IEDs. The hours are long and a lot of times it seems like we are just driving around asking to be ambushed. So you can see the need to find different ways to relax.”

From Daniel from Logar, Afghanistan
“We conduct patrols every day averaging maybe one day off from patrol a week. These are not the cushy mounted patrols I had been accustomed to in previous deployments as terrain here does not allow for the operation of vehicles, all patrols are on foot. We have had numerous engagements with the enemy to the point where i have lost count. If a patrol goes out for more than an hour it can expect to take contact. We are engaged with literally every type of weapon you can imagine. IED’s, small arms fire, RPK fire, RPG’s, well aimed high power rifle shots, grenade launchers, grenades, 82 mm mortars and recoilless rifle fire are a daily norm on this COP. The weather report on any given day will always include “with a 90% chance of indirect fire”…”

From Paul from Helmand, Afghanistan
“My request is for all of the Marines that I serve next to every day. I have been working alongside some of the finest men and women out here. Working with this many people in such a close environment is not without its trials and tribulations though. I have consistently been looking for ways to improve the morale of the service members…I do not have a “wish list” in mind but feel that anything you’d be able to put together would help the morale tremendously.”

As well as an exciting collection of games and gaming gear, each package will also include a variety of Gamer Grub flavors, ensuring our troops have the number one gaming snack to carry them through their gaming sessions.

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