Rumors Regarding Bribed Review Scores For Halo 4 Squashed

Some of you may be aware of an image that recently began doing the rounds on popular image-based websites. The image depicted a letter apparently sent by the popular game PR company, Triple Point.Halo 4 In the letter it stated that any websites or journalists that received a copy of Halo 4 before launch, could only do so under strict conditions, with one of those conditions being a minimum 9.5 rating.

There was also a hint of a free Limited Edition Xbox as added incentive for reviewers to give the game a high review score. Although many players noticed that the letter had obvious flaws, this didn’t stop thousands from attacking big gaming websites that published a pre-release review. The logo on the letter hasn’t been used by Microsoft for some time, and there was also issues with the wording within the letter itself, not following the typically high professional standards associated with Triple Point. It’s not certain who actually created the image but Triple Point did not delay with their official response:

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We don’t feel especially flattered, in this instance, though – you may have seen a hoax circulating recently, suggesting TriplePoint is a part of the Halo 4 review campaign, and making unprofessional demands of journalists.

We don’t represent Halo, nor do we represent Microsoft, and nobody named “Terry Graves” has ever worked at TriplePoint, either now or at any time in the past. The image of the letter, allegedly sent from our offices, demanding that reporters award Halo 4 a certain score, is a fabrication. It’s not even a very good one – reporters can only reach us between 9-5? C’mon.

Kudos and thanks to all of our friends in the industry who immediately spotted this hoax for what it was, and for having our backs. We’re looking forward to playing Halo 4 along with everyone else.
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It’s not clear why this certain individual targeted Halo 4, or Triple Point PR, but I doubt it will be the last time something like this happens. Especially with big launches around the corner, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

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