New DLC Available For Tropico 4

Kalypso recently announced the release of the latest downloadable content for the incredibly popular strategy/management title on the PC, Tropico 4. We take a quick peak at some of the in-game features. Tropico 4

After all the hard work you have done in Tropico 4 you, as El Presidente, are on a much needed holiday. Unfortunately, due to a massively poor judgement of character, you have decided to leave Penultimo in charge of things back home. This, you quickly realize, was not a good idea as he has managed to completely undo all your good work. Worse still, a new organization has come into play called The Conclave – and they are intent on heating up the Cold War for their own evil schemes! There are many new buildings, improved buildings and edicts for you to play around with in the new DLC and 12 new campaign missions (look out for the zombies!).

One of the best new features in the DLC is the Metro Station. This allows Tropicans to move quickly from station to station, cutting down massively on the amount of time it takes for your subjects to get to work! It conveniently only takes up a very small amount of area, something that is hugely important when you are running out of island to build on!

Remember those shabby looking Apartments that seemed to be the only way house your ever growing population? Now available is the sexy looking high-rise apartments. They house just as many people, but have a much higher quality of living (keeping those pesky communists off your back!). With quality comes price though, so your people will be expected to pay more. These high-rise buildings use a small amount amount of electricity, but don’t worry…

As you progress through the game you will find the option to build a solar plant. This does not require any workers (although you still have to pay for the maintenance!) and you can upgrade the solar plant for extra wattage. Alternatively, you always have your trusted wind turbines!

Farms are another part of Tropico 4 that has been upgraded. You are now able to build Bio-farms, which allow you to produce a much larger quantity of produce. This is also the case for ranches and mines, allowing your workers to produce extra food and to continue mining even when the minerals have been depleted.

New edicts include “internet police”, “festival of love” and “healthcare reform” (they do exactly what it says on the tin!). Also “ban social networks” – which increases productivity and “China development aid” – which gives you 100 immigrants. Plus 5 others that you will not want to miss!

This downloadable content is available to download now for only $19.99

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