Zombie Scream Contest Off To A Fantastic Start

The mention of a zombie apocalypse floods the brains with images of savage survival. A dog-eat-dog world where the simple foundations of humanity are torn from reality and replaced with images of the undead devouring the corpses of loved ones.Zombie Scream Contest Entries Well that’s what comes to mind for me anyway. Whether it’s because of the economic inequality in today’s society, or just the urge to prove ones worth, there are hundreds of reasons why people are so attracted to the general idea of zombies.

Zombies are unique in that they really only walk (do Zombies run ?), they are difficult to stop if they want you for their next meat snack, and are fun to shoot and blow up (since parts can be shot off, or splattered, but they don’t seem to care). Many video games have Zombie modes where the map is populated by the undead, walking around moaning and screaming, looking for gray matter to munch on.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II, launching Nov 13th, has a Zombie mode that expands on previous versions with a huge amount of new additions. Players will be able to construct vicious new weaponry as they find items scattered across each map and even more appealing is the new free roam approach to the famous game mode. Players will be able to traverse across all of the maps whenever they please, either on foot or using a decked out bus. Zombie Mode is already one of the franchises biggest selling points but Treyarch have really raised the bar this time, promising to deliver the best Zombie Mode to date.

To celebrate the Best Buy Midnight Launch of COD: Black Ops II, Gamer Grub decided to launch the Zombie Scream Video Contest. We’ve given you, with your creative mind, the opportunity to express exactly what zombies mean and we’ve been amazed with the entries so far. These aren’t just basic recordings thrown onto Youtube, this is a deep look into the psyche of modern day society when faced with the unimaginable horrors that would follow a zombie apocalypse. You can check out all of the entries made so far, click here.

If you know where to find a Zombie, or you can just pretend to be one, all you need to do is get a clip of a zombie scream, you’ve still got a month to enter our Zombie Scream Contest, but don’t wait until the December 1st deadline as winners are based on the amount of “Likes” their videos receive. So the longer yours is up, the better chance you have. For all the details and information, including prizes and the download link for the Gamer Grub outro, click here.