Nintendo Direct Video Highlights Exciting Times For The Nintendo eShop

Handheld gaming has always had its deserved share of the gaming market, and with the constantly declining fan-base of the Playstation Vita, Nintendo is pushing their corner of the market with a newly released Nintendo Direct video that highlights some of the upcoming releases for the Nintendo 3DS.

Featured in the video are some of Nintendo’s biggest franchises including Mario, Zelda, Star Fox and Animal Crossing. There’s also a lot of information on some of the eShop exclusive titles that are coming over the next couple of months, including the sequel to the highest rated Nintendo 3DS title, Pushmo. Paper Mario: Sticker Star features heavily as one of the most anticipated Nintendo 3DS titles coming this year, and there’s a ton of footage and information on new mechanics.

As well as the hottest new titles the video also covers some of the most iconic titles in Nintendo history including Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 3D and even the exclusive opportunity to win a free downloadable copy of the original Donkey Kong title, that won’t be available anywhere else.

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