Activision Release More Zombie Mode Screenshots For Black Ops 2

Call of Duty has become a bit of a love or hate franchise over the years but if there’s one thing most gamers can agree on, Zombie Mode rocks! Since its original appearance in World at War the Zombie Mode has since appeared in the original Black Ops and it’s setting up to be one of the best features in the upcoming title from Activision.

In anticipation for the November release Activision have released some highly detailed screenshots of the Black Ops II Zombie Mod. There’s a few hints at some of the other new features including different types of zombie and a new weapon that can only be described as a futuristic version of a Crossbow. Feast your eyes on the screenshots below and let us know what you think:

Black Ops Zombie Screenshot 1

Black Ops Zombie Screenshot 2

Black Ops Zombie Screenshot 3

Black Ops Zombie Screenshot 4

Whether you love or hate the Call of Duty franchise you cannot deny that these screenshots look tantalizingly good. Of all the activities you could do while enjoying your favorite flavor of Gamer Grub, we can’t think of much better than slaying endless hordes of the undead alongside some close buddies

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