Aeria Games Announce Beginning Of Born To Fire Closed Beta

Aeria Games, one of the leading global publishers of free-to-play online MMO games, have just announced that the closed beta event for their massively anticipated MMOFPS, Born to Fire, is now underway. Players can experience the thrill and intensity provided by an FPS title, with the attachment and character progression usually reserved for RPG games. Born To Fire Closed Beta

Aeria Games are well known for pushing the boundaries of the MMO genre and this latest attempt is no different. Born to Fire brings an array of exciting additions to the MMOFPS universe, and combines them with high-quality graphics, realistic physics and an exciting selection of available weaponry. Players are able to master an impressive arsenal of skills and abilities as they play as 5 different classes, each with their own abilities and individual flair.

Although it’s a lobby based title Aeria Games have removed all of the struggle usually associated with poor matchmaking and have replaced it with an easy to use, one-click matchmaking system that throws players into ruthless competition within seconds, against opposition of a similar skill level. Every match can be recorded and saved, giving players the opportunities to trade videos and watch some humiliating deaths.

An impressive selection of maps, 16 in total, await eager FPS players as they explore 5 unique games modes with up to 8v8 combat. If you’re looking for a bit of free-to-play fun, you can’t go wrong with a bit of Born to Fire.

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