SEGA Continue To Reinvent The Classics With Crazy Taxi

SEGA are continuing their recent spree, reinventing some of their biggest titles from yesteryear. Sonic Adventure 2 and NiGHTS have received the magical HD touch from SEGA, and not too long ago Jet Set Radio also had the same treatment. Now it’s the turn of the hugely popular SEGAtitle, Crazy Taxi. Crazy Taxi

Earlier today SEGA announced that the mobile remaster of the Dreamcast classic, Crazy Taxi, is now available in the mobile edition for iOS. Players can purchase the game on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, for the appealing price of $4.99. Thousands enjoyed racking up crazy combos in the iconic taxi, all the while rocking out to tracks from the likes of Offspring and Bad Religion, and now they can do it all again on a mobile platform.

Crazy Taxi was originally released in 1999 but recently received a HD re-release for the top consoles. This new edition of Crazy Taxi was remastered specifically for iOS devices, including both the Arcade and Original modes, alongside 16 engaging mini-games. Stepping into this century they’ve also added a leaderboard and achievement support.

For more information click here or watch the trailer below.

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