Pokemon Fans Your MMO Prayers Have Been Answered…Well Almost

Nintendo and Pokemon fans have been screaming for an MMO addition to one of the worlds most famous video-game franchises, but so far those screams have fallen on deaf ears. There have been a number of attempts from fans and budding developers such as Pokemon World Online but more recently two other games have taken the Pokemon world by storm.

Firstly there’s PokeMMO, a relatively newcomer to the Pokemon MMO world. The game promises to bring a variety of features to fans, finally giving them the opportunity to explore the earlier Pokemon titles alongside friends and competitors. It’s currently still under development but a beta period is expected to begin soon. Players will be able to experience the epic story from the original Pokemon games alongside MMO type features including competitive trainer battles and difficult gym fights. Another area that separates PokeMMO from other Pokemon MMO games is the impact of community creations. The developers have promised that creations and ideas from players will be directly placed into the game if they’re balanced and imaginative, ensuring a constant flow of content exclusive to the PokeMMO game world.

Pokemonium is already available to fans that want to dive into a Pokemon MMO and has quite a head-start in terms of development and features. As well as Kanto, players can also explore the wonders that fill the region of Johto, including all of the features and mechanics associated with the later Pokemon games. EV leveling will also be featured in both games, adding one of Pokemon’s greatest features to the MMO genre.

If one thing is certain, more and more Pokemon MMO games will crawl out of the woodwork until Nintendo finally release an official title. There’s been rumors, speculation and uncertain developer comments, but industry experts don’t expect to see any form of official online Pokemon title until the handheld games begin to suffer with sales. Until then, try any of these Pokemon MMO games to get you started.