Gamer Grub Supports Gamers Efforts To Save Friend

The internet is a wonderful tool of the modern age and every once in a while a unique story appears that touches the heart of thousands. A Dungeons and Dragons fan had to undergo surgery for a brain tumor recently but lacked the medical insurance to pay for it. Once his fellow dungeon masters learned of the heart-stopping $450,000 medical bill, they pulled together to aid their struggling friend.

Daniel Somerville had no idea what his friends were planning, but the dedication of his Dungeon and Dragons buddies would put a smile on anyone’s face. They turned to one of the greatest social channels on the internet for support and as usual, the Reddit community stepped up to the mark. Droidaphone left a heart warming message and a link to some of Daniel’s tribute art for their favorite table top game. Following the massively positive response on Reddit, the friends then turned to the popular funding platform, Indiegogo.

There are currently 28 days left of the Indiegogo fund-raising campaign and Daniel’s friends have already managed to raise a staggering $14,856 from an original goal of $5,000.

They’re not expecting generosity for free, and donators can be rewarded in a number of ways. Depending on the amount donated, you could get a large collection of high res desktop wallpapers, ripped straight from Daniel’s own art. Those feeling super generous, and with deep pockets, can even get a custom mural designed by Daniel and his friend Andrew.

Gamer Grub is happy to announce our donation and support to Daniel Somerville and his friends. We wish Daniel a speedy recovery.

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