Sticker Slap Sweepstakes – Winners Announced!

After stuffing thousands of envelopes to send out Gamer Grub stickers, the Sticker Slap Sweepstakes wrapped-up this past weekend.

We here at Gamer Grub really enjoyed checking out some of your awesome submissions to our Sweepstakes, there were some truly epic Gamer Grub photos.

Three lucky winners will be receiving their sweeps goodies after submitting entries that totaled over 1100 “Likes” on our Facebook page.

Tina Perez scooped up the first prize with her COD filled sticker slap, totaling a highly impressive 434 likes, taking home the ASTRO A30 Headset and 1 months supply of Gamer Grub. Second place fell to D.j. Garrison as he claims the $50 GameStop Gift Card and 2 cases of assorted Gamer Grub after receiving 373 “Likes”, and third place with 314 “Likes” was Adam Taylor, netting him a cool $25 GameStop Gift Card and 1 case of assorted Gamer Grub.

Sticker Slap Sweepstakes Photo

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We would like to thank everyone that took part in our Sticker Slap Sweepstakes, it has easily been one of the most enjoyable sweeps we’ve had the pleasure of running. We’ve had a great time checking out your entries, and even though the competition is over, we’d love to see some more of your images on our Facebook wall.