Wii-U Sells Out Within 48 Hours At GameStop

Nintendo Direct ended several days ago but the announcement of the pricing and release of the Wii-U has already had an effect as gamers everywhere swamped their local brick and mortar stores to pre-order the latest Nintendo console. Within 48 hours of the Wii-U announcement, the deluxe edition sold out at the majority of the GameStop stores. Wii U deluxe edition

Priced at a surprising $349.99 the deluxe edition included a number of added incentives which has proven enough to appeal to a large audience of Nintendo fans. The basic version includes a little less swag but will only set you back $299.99. The basic Wii-U is still available in some stores but not for much longer.

Many have already started to discuss the huge hype surrounding the speed at which the stock has disappeared, but many seem to forget that the Playstation 3 had even more impact.

When the PS3 was first announced, big name stores across the globe sold out in 24 hours, of both the versions that were released. The PS3 also hit the bank balance a little harder, priced at $499.99 and $599.99. This is obviously great news for Nintendo but fans may be disappointed if they were hoping to get one for launch date.

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