GameStop Launch New Wii-U Range

Following the hugely successful Nintendo Direct event, GameStop has just launched their Wii-U range and it’s looking great. Nintendo Direct gave thousands of fans exactly what they were hoping for, the official announcement regarding the pricing and release date of Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Nintendo Wii-U. The new Nintendo console will officially release in the United States on Sunday November 18th, priced at an impressive $299.99.Wii-U GameStop has released 2 separate packages, the Nintendo Wii-U deluxe and the Nintendo Wii-U basic, both at different prices offering different incentives.

The basic package will be sold at the announced price released at Nintendo Direct, $299.99, and will include 8GB internal memory, all the required wires and white versions of the console, GamePad and GamePad AC Adapter. The deluxe package will set you back $349.99 and will include everything in the original pack, but colored black, plus a few more things as added incentive. Everyone who purchases the deluxe package will get a copy of Nintendo Land, as well as a large boost to the internal memory at 32GB. There’s also some extra console accessories in the form of a GamePad Stand, Cradle and Console Stand.

If you’re hoping to get a Wii-U, don’t waste any time. You’ll want to pre-order as early as possible, many of you will probably remember the shopping dash as the original Wii disappeared off practically every shelf it was sold on. For more information on the deluxe package, click here.

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