The One Stop Shop For All Things Retro – Classic Game Room

We’ve reached a certain era in gaming where practically every arcade classic is being re-released on one platform or another, tempting older gamers with the return of that nostalgic feeling we used to get while sinking our quarters into the old arcade machines. And for those of us drooling over the concept of wiggling an arcade stick and mashing furiously at 2 big red buttons, Classic Game Room is the place to be. Classic Game Room

With over 8,000 subscribers on Youtube, Classic Game Room release regular videos and reviews featuring the very best of modern day retro. Mark Bussler, the founder of Classic Game Room, was recently interviewed in the hugely popular Retro Game magazine, so if you’re interested on the background of CGR, or how Mark manages to make every single arcade classic feel exciting in his videos, you’ll want to pick it up here. Mark was also recently interviewed by Jono Bacon for The Art of Community, a short summary can be found here.

With over 397 million video views, there’s nowhere better for retro gamers to get their arcade fix, and now it’s easier than ever as CGR videos can now be found on popular media websites DailyMotion.Com and Metacafe.Com. If you’re still really retro and don’t really like the whole video review concept, CGR also feature full written reviews on their website, as well as a host of awesome merchandise.

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