Sticker Slap Sweepstakes – Photo Entries

Our Sticker Slap Sweepstakes competition began last month and we’ve been totally swamped with some awesome fan art on our Facebook page. We’ve had some artistic ones, some funny ones and some downright crazy ones, but with only nine days left of the competition, below are some submissions.

Monkey Hostage Situation by Phil

We weren’t sure whether this one warranted a call to the ASPCA. Don’t shoot the monkey!

Can Jedi Powers Secure This Winner by Connor

Will The Force secure the win for Connor?

Longboard Heaven by Logan

Blazing sun, Longboard, big hill. What more can you ask for?

I game too much by Stephanie

I think Stephanie may have an addiction problem

I need more games by Charles

Charles has an addiction too, plus OCD

Rubber Duck Heaven or Hell by Toni

I think Toni may have gone a bit quackers…

Zeus Is Hungry by Branden

Even the great Roman god of god’s can’t resist the Gamer Grub

I want one of those by James

Do you think James would trade for a packet of PB&J?

Shocked Grandma by Lucas, age 8

And finally Lucas shows us how shocked his Grandma is at his gaming habits

So there we have it, ten images submitted by Gamer Grub fans! You’re all one step closer to winning some great prizing including an ASTRO A30 Headset, (1) Months Supply of Gamer Grub, and maybe even a GameStop gift voucher.

Don’t worry if you haven’t submitted an entry yet, there’s still plenty of time. You can either request a sticker here, or get one now to enter, just download and cut out your own from here. Then all you have to do is upload an epic photo to Facebook.

Go for it !