Gamer Grub Does PAX

It’s like that horrible feeling you get when you have to leave your favorite holiday resort. PAX Prime has now officially ended but Gamer Grub have something to remove those post PAX blues. Below we’ve got three videos as we follow Gamer Grub’s PAX reporter, Chris Erickson. Chris is a 6 year veteran of the PAX show so you can rest assured that he was in all the rights places at all the right times. Watch each video for a variety of awesome cosplay footage, as well as a sneak peak at some of the most impressive booths.

Day 1
The first day and Chris was exploring the massive event that is PAX. It’s spread across multiple buildings, features hundreds of booths and thousands of people. Check out some of the great cosplay footage, as well as a very impressive alien gaming booth.

Day 2
Day two and Chris shows us some more awesome cosplay footage as well as a quick sneak at the highly anticipated Halo 4.

Day 3
The third and final day of PAX and Chris reinvigorates cosplayers with a healthy dose of Gamer Grub. Such a nice guy.

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