Square Enix Announce New Final Fantasy Title

As an avid RPG and Square Enix fan, the words “Square Enix Announce New Final Fantasy Title” is like music to my ears. I’ve been following the Final Fantasy franchise since the early days and have enjoyed practically every title they’ve released, with the exception of the dress-up title they just threw the FF tag at. So to say I was excited when I read this announcement, would be a slight understatement.Final Fantasy Lighting Returns

However, many Final Fantasy fans have been hoping for an announcement relating to a remake of the franchise’s most loved title, Final Fantasy 7. Recently FF7 was re-released on the PC digital distribution service, Steam, providing players with an array of new achievements and some shiner graphics, which sparked huge debates about a possible remake. About a month after the games release Square Enix finally responded to the thousands of questions relating to a Final Fantasy 7 remake, but they were adamant that it would not be done until another of their Final Fantasy games topped the reputation of number 7, so here we are with Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII .

Final Fantasy is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary, so it seems fitting for Square Enix to announce a new title. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will follow the popular protagonist from Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, through a new stand-alone experience that will offer players a new look into the life and hardships that Lightning endures. The announcement video is filled with bizarre comparisons. Producer Yoshinori Kitase compares Final Fantasy games to crystals while Game Director Motomu Toriyama says it shares more similarities with roses. I can never pretend to understand the unique approach that the Japanese take to their announcement videos, but it’s almost 40 minutes long and includes some exclusive footage.

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