Bethesda Announce Free iOS Game For Dishonored Fans

Bethesda have just announced the immediate release of their free iOS title to support their upcoming stealth RPG, Dishonored. Dishonored Rat Assassin is now available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, offering players a slice of the Dishonored pie while they await the release of arguably the most anticipated RPG this year.Dishonored Rat Assassin

Although the game offers a totally separate experience to that of the upcoming RPG currently under development by Arkane Studios, it will give players the opportunity to sharpen their assassination skills as they use a number of abilities that will be available in the full game. The streets of Dunwall have been overrun by plague spreading vermin, it’s up to you to utilize your abilities and exterminate the threat.

Using the visually splendid Bend Time ability, in conjunction with the Shadow and Adrenaline kills, you will be able to dispatch of the rats in true style through twelve intense challenges. Each level provides a different depth of puzzle-like challenges where you must combine your abilities to complete the challenges and defeat the plague ridden rats.

You can download Dishonored Rat Assassin for free and it’s compatible with your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4G, and iPod touch 4. It’s available now on the Apple iTunes store which can be viewed at this link.

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