It’s Finally Here! Guild Wars 2 Head Start Begins

We’ve come a long way since the original announcement on March 27, 2007, but the day is finally here. The Guild Wars 2 head start event for pre-purchase customers has begun, and it’s huge. The event began at 0:00 AM PST time this morning and there are already hundreds of thousands of players in-game. There are currently 20 different servers available for US players to choose from, but out of these 20, 15 are already full to capacity. Although this can make it a total nightmare to join a friends server, it’s great to see an MMO game enjoying a successful launch in today’s MMO climate. Guild Wars 2 Head Start

It has been a big year for MMO games with critically acclaimed releases from the likes of The Secret World and TERA Online, but neither of them enjoyed the huge burst of success that Guild Wars 2 is experiencing today, and this is just the first wave. Pre-order customers will be able to jump into the game starting at 0:00 AM PST time tomorrow, and those waiting for release day to pick up their copy will get access on August 28th.

This does bring up a slight concern though, exactly what percentage of players pre-purchased the game? With 75% of the American servers already full, could the Guild Wars 2 infrastructure handle another influx of 100,000 players? It’s a tough industry today and the majority of MMO games look into server merges within the first couple of months, but if this continues, Arena.Net may well have to open some more.

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