Gamers! Have You Discovered Raptr Yet?

There are dozens of tools available in today’s industry, whether it’s to help us connect with other gamers using Xfire or discuss the latest news on sites like N4G, but there’s one that has yet to make a big splash on the gaming radar, Raptr.

Raptr is a new social media channel that combines features from Xfire, Facebook and Twitter, and provides gamers with an uniquely engaging experience. It has a huge selection of features to enhance your gaming experience including achievements, game tracking, news bursts and competitions.

Your in-game achievements are tracked across practically any format, whether you’re playing on PC, Xbox360 or Playstation 3, you can sync them all up to record your in-game progress, achievements and time using Raptr. It’s a simple process, just enter your details from each platform and Raptr does the rest.

Another area that gamers should be interested in, the gaming news. Every single game entered on Raptr has a designated community page. On these pages gamers can start new topics using a system similar to Facebook, but developers and members of the gaming press also post breaking news on a number of popular titles. A simple click of your mouse can bring up the hottest news articles on almost any game you can dream of.

So what’s the point in all this? We can already track our game progress and achievements using other programs right? But none of them offer the extensive reward system featured in Raptr. Having only recently launched their rewards program, Raptr already boasts an impressive selection of rewards. Over the last month or two they’ve given away free Xbox Live Gold Subscriptions, free PSN games, and thousands of closed beta keys and item codes for MMO titles. The best part, it requires no effort from you whatsoever. Rewards are given out based on play time for certain titles, so when they offer a free DLC for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, you’ll just need a certain amount of hours tracked in that particular game. So basically, Raptr offers you a great place to meet other gamers and rewards you for games you’d be playing anyway, genius! Check out more about Raptr at the official homepage.

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