Grand Theft Auto V Release: What We Know So Far

Easily one of the most anticipated titles of the year, and arguably all time, Rockstar’s free roam franchise is sure to make a splash when it releases some time in the near future. It’s impossible to put an exact release date on Grand Theft Auto V as we’ve yet to hear any official word from Rockstar. However, online media outlet Zavvi recently published the release date as November 23rd on their Grand Theft Auto sales page. This was originally confirmed by EuroGamer as a release date provided by the publishers but was later retracted as a Zavvi representative basically said it was an educated guess. GTAV

Several months ago a number of CV’s from Rockstar employees indicated that Grand Theft Auto V will be released in October 2012, but again there was no official comment from Rockstar either confirming or denying the information.

During Gamescom, Rockstar released several new screenshots for the game, sparking speculation throughout the gaming industry. Some people are even speculating that the screenshots are far too graphical to be featured in current console technology, suggesting that Grand Theft Auto V is actually a next generation release title. Investigating the official GTAV website doesn’t do anything to either confirm or deny the information that it won’t be released on this generation of consoles, but the majority of voices within the industry laugh at the speculation of a next generation GTAV being announced before the consoles have even hit the shelves.

So what do we know? In short, nothing more than we did 6 months ago. Just a whole lot more speculation and predictions. Watch this space as we’ll let you know as soon as we know more.

Grand Theft Auto V Jets

One thing we can say for sure…Jets are BACK!

We’re hoping there may be an official release date announced at the upcoming PAX Prime event. If you’re heading to PAX Prime, don’t forget to check out the PC Gamer stand where they’ll be giving away a variety of gaming goodies, including an absolute ton of Gamer Grub.