Gamer Grub At PAX

The E3 Expo just ended and was for industry participants, or those creative enough to sneak in. The best gaming convention for the general public is the Penny Arcade Expo “PAX” and is just around the corner. PAX is an annual event that provides gamers with a ton of ways to get more involved in the industry, from discussions with some of the worlds best developers, to giveaways and competitions. PAX has grown a lot, so much so that now there are two PAX events, East and West. The PAX West show is in Seattle Washington on August 31st, PAX will begin and will run through until September 2nd. The schedule has already been announced but we’ve highlighted some of the shows we’re most excited about. Gamer Grub At PAX

Firstly, if you’re heading to PAX you will not want to miss the Main Stage on Friday at 4:30 PM. The Assassin’s Creed III development team will be on hand to answer any questions and even offer an exclusive look at some in-game footage. Arguably one of the most anticipated games scheduled to release this year, Assassin’s Creed III is hoping to build on an already successful franchise with the 4th game in the IP.

MMORPG fans won’t want to miss the 11:30am show with MMORPG.Com as they’ve lined up some of the biggest developers in the online gaming industry, from popular development teams and titles such as Planetside 2, Nexon, Trion Worlds, Red 5 Studios, Funcom, and Torchlight 2. They’ll be talking about the future of the MMO genre, as well as a few selfless plugs, hopefully providing us with some juicy information on what they’re working on.

There’s also going to be a variety of exciting tournaments taking place over the weekend. From industry classics such as Tetris and Mario Kart to the hilariously frustrating Trials Evolution, they’ll be plenty of talent on show during one of the years biggest gaming events so make sure you check those out.

And finally, Gamer Grub fans will want to make sure they visit the PC Gamer PAX Panel for a chance to win a ton of cool stuff. We’ve sent over plenty of Gamer Grub to help fill their 1,000 grab bags, filled with a variety of exciting goodies from their various partners. Get their early before they run out!