Hottest Cosplay Pictures From Gamescom

Gamescom may have finished but it doesn’t have to end there, thanks to a handful of talented people we’ve got a ton of juicy cosplay pictures to feast your eyes on. The pictures below are from the popular MOBA title, League of Legends. The majority of MMO fans have played it, or at least heard of it, so we’ve got a little challenge for the GamerGrub readers. Take a look at the 10 pictures below, and see if you’re able to successfully identify each League of Legends characters.

Gamescom Cosplay 1

I think the ears and whiskers give this one away.

Gamescom Cosplay 2

Hmm. Isn’t this sword usually broken?

Gamescom Cosplay 3

Doesn’t take a genius for this one

Gamescom Cosplay 4

Stun – evil pool of doom

Gamescom Cosplay 5

Stay out of the brush!

Gamescom Cosplay 6

Just when you think you’re out of range…KABLAM

Gamescom Cosplay 7

Did we manage to catch you out?

Gamescom Cosplay 8

This is serious. No joking around

Gamescom Cosplay 9

The lonely existence of a ninja

Gamescom Cosplay 10

The under appreciated heroes in League of Legends

Leave your guesses in the comments below, or post on Facebook. Think you can guess all 10?

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