Team17 Release Worms Revolution Intro Cinematic Trailer

After recently releasing five videos detailing the development and history of the Worms franchise, Team 17 have just released the intro trailer for the upcoming, Worms Revolution. The cinematic takes a humorous approach at inspecting the deadly breed of worm, known only as Wormius Fisticuffius.Worms Revolution

The video also touches on subjects mentioned in the developer diaries such as the new worm class types, an array of weapons from the history of Worms, the new living environments and even some new technologies for the worms to destroy themselves with.

The humor injected into the Worms franchise is a large part of the games success, whether it’s the funky sound effects, or the fact you’re blowing stuff up with worms, every Worms title has promised fun and laughter all the way and Worms Revolution isn’t looking any different.

Team17 have just released another in-game video featuring even more hilarious commentary. Check it out below!

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