The Top GameStop Deals And Grabs This Week

Arguably one of the most dominant forces in brick and mortar video-game sales, GameStop has over 6,800 stores worldwide, as well as shipping across the globe from their website. Most gamers know that it’s one of the best places to go if you’re after a great deal on your games, so we’ve highlighted the top deals for this week, just in case you missed them on your last visit. GameStop Deals

Firstly, for all you handheld fans out their, GameStop is offering a free game with any purchase of a Nintendo 3DS. Buyers will be able to choose from SteelDiver or Pilot Wing Resort, not the greatest titles available on the 3DS but both utilize the 3D brilliantly making them a great choice for first time 3D players.

MMO fans will be happy to hear that the highly popular World of Warcraft Battlechest has also been dropped in price, down to a staggering $4.99. This amazing offer includes every World of Warcraft expansion released to date, including the vanilla client, and they’ve also thrown in a few Brady Games guides to get you going.

The hugely collectible characters from the Skylanders franchise have also seen a drop in price, great news for parents across America. You will now be able to pick up characters like Voodood, Cynder, Prism, Chop Chop and Dino-Rang for only $6.99 each, down from the regular $9.99 price.

And finally, if you’re looking to purchase the hugely anticipated Black Ops II…. with a GameStop pre-order you get a bonus for Black Ops II of the highly popular Nuke Town map. Featuring incredibly intense close quarters combat, and one of the best bonus experience points maps across the Call of Duty franchise. The Nuke Town bonus is a great incentive if you’re on the fence about purchasing the next installment of Black Ops.

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