Square Enix Announce 10 Years Of Slime Slaying Goodness

Square Enix, publishers of popular online titles such as Final Fantasy XIV and the upcoming GameGlobe, have just announced that they’re planning to support their latest Wii MMORPG, Dragon Quest X, with a decades worth of updates. The game released on August 2nd and is the first time the hit franchise has expanded into the MMO market.Dragon Quest X Online Supported by 9 previous titles in the genre, Square Enix have had decades to work through the minor problems and present players with one of the best Dragon Quest titles to date.

An article in the Japanese newspaper Nekkei reported that Square Enix plan “major version up revisions” for the game every 10 weeks, up to the year 2022. In today’s fickle MMO industry, a game is lucky to survive 10 years, so this is no small feat for Square Enix to accomplish. Dragon Quest X producer, Yosuke Saito, also announced that the game will receive a number of weekly updates following the launch, to polish some of the features and iron out the last few known bugs. Other content planned in these updates includes additional story content and an exciting array of quests.

Dragon Quest X is a popular title in Europe and America but it’s far bigger in Japan, so we expect the fan base to greet the title warmly. The game is currently only available on the Wii in Japan but there have been plans announced for a release in the upcoming Wii-U. Players can enjoy 2 hours per day for free, but will have to subscribe, at a cost of $13, to be able to play more.

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