Terminal Map Finally Arrives On Modern Warfare 3…And It’s Broken

Modern Warfare 3 Care Package GlitchThe highly anticipated Terminal map update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 arrived on Wednesday, but it’s not all roses. Despite the fact Terminal was rated as one of the top maps of Modern Warfare 2, and worked almost perfectly other than the fire-through wall bug, it has caused quite a stir being released on Modern Warfare 3.

The glitch? It allows players to spawn infinite care packages, pretty powerful advantage. It’s unclear what’s causing the problem and Mark Rubin announced on Twitter that Infinity Ward are “looking into it but it has nothing to do with Terminal.” Issues and exploits like this are usually from modded lobbies, which are unavoidable for the most part. However, since the release of Terminal, the specific infinite Care Package’s glitch has increased 10 fold. During my 500+ matches of Modern Warfare 3, I’ve seen the glitch/exploit 3 times, however I’ve now seen it that many times in Terminal in just 2 days of game-play.

Of all the exploits and glitches, this is easily one of the most traceable as the game tracks how many Care Package’s you launch in a single match. The awesomely smart people modding their lobbies to use these exploits are going to be easier to track than an elephant in Times Square. If you find yourself in one of these games, I highly suggest you avoid collecting anymore than 1 or 2 of these packages, as IW have been known to punish people as “accessories” to glitching. A humorous term but it does happen, best to avoid it.

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